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Our lights.

Scroll through our online gallery to view the various categories of lights that suit your needs and find the design that best matches your interior.

Our service.

We understand how it may get rather overwhelming to select the correct lighting for your entire unit, but we're here to lend you a hand on this special journey.  


Hanging and Ceiling Lights

Your ceiling does not have to be boring. Suspended from the top, these lights serve as the perfect statement lighting to 'wow' your guests with and a useful conversation starter.

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Track Lights

Shift the light, shift the focus. A versatile solution to suit your lighting needs. Showcase your portraits, artworks and highlight feature walls with track lighting.

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Mounted on the ceiling, these lights are the modern way to light up the area in complete style. With the combination of other lighting, you'll go beyond general lighting to explore light layering.


Wall Lamps

These lights double up as beautiful wall art. Build on the ambience and aesthetics of the area with these decorative lightings and watch the magic. 


Magnetic Track Lights

Impress your guest with some attractive lighting. 

Being an enhanced and improved version of track lights, the magnetic track lights arethe uprising stars of the lighting world in recent years. 

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LED Strips

Want a sleek, minimalistic, low-profile cove lighting? These energy saving and eco-friendly light strips are wonderful for cove lighting and to accentuate recessed areas. 

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