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A much safer, convenient and flexible alternative to lighting up your home. 



The Benefits of Magnetic Track Lighting

There are bound to be some significant differences between magnetic track lights and the conventional ones we commonly see. Due to its magnetic property, these track lights keep things convenient and keep us assured. That explains its rising popularity in recent years!


Easily install and uninstall  each individual lamp modules into and from the track, within seconds! Many times single-handedly, all it needs is just a little push and it will be attracted into the track. To remove it? Just give it a little squeeze on both ends to have it detached from the track. Very efficient!

You may then find that some lights are not exactly in the position you would like and would perhaps wish to shift it. Fret not because you will be able to reposition without hassle by sliding the lamp modules along the track. Just give it a little tug or push from the sides to get it into position! It will be safe to do this as the track runs on a lower voltage, protecting you from electrical shocks. 

Click here to see more of our magnetic track lights collection, or come check out the physical product at our showroom!

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